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J&G Sales has been a family owned guns and ammo business since 1946. We are constantly striving to provide our customers with high quality firearms related products at very low prices, all with courteous, friendly customer service. Why shop at J&G Sales instead of elsewhere? Because the price will be one of the best around, the service will be done right, and we have been doing this for many decades and know the industry.

We  carry: Glock – Colt – Taurus – BRNO / CZ – Winchester – Mossberg – Ruger – Kimber – and many more including many hard to find imports, surplus, military, and collectibles like: Makarov – Tokarev – Norinco – SKS Rifles – FAL Rifles – Enfields – Mausers – AK47 – AK74 – Class III Machine Guns – Suppressors – CETME – H&K, and a huge variety of AR-15 style rifles, plus ammunition from Federal, Wolf, Bear, Prvi Partizan, Norma, Hornady, Sellier & Bellot, TulAmmo, and surplus from many countries!

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