How to Get a C&R License

The easiest way to enhance your collection! Get surplus and older C&R firearms sent direct to you without going through a transfer dealer!

Curio and Relics (C&R’s) are firearms of interest to collectors or firearms over 50 years old (such as Mausers, Mosin Nagants, etc.) An individual may apply for a C&R collector’s license from the BATF. This license allows an individual to purchase and receive C&R eligible firearms shipped directly to their home though mail order, or pick them up, without completing the background checks through an FFL holder. The license is good for three years and has a fee of $30.00. You will see on our website and in our catalog small tags next to certain guns that state “C&R Eligible”. These indicate firearms that can be sent directly to C&R collectors. When ordered by non-licensed individuals, they still must be sent to an FFL holder.

We at J&G Sales encourage everyone interested to consider obtaining a C&R license. The following Internet links provide you with the forms needed and explain the simple procedure: (a PDF reader program is required)

The information is also available by calling the BATF at 866-662-2750

A C&R license does NOT permit an individual to “deal” in firearms.

After you receive your license please mail it to us, Or you can email, or fax a copy to us with a copy of your Drivers License with matching name.