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See what others think

Do you think Biden's magazine and "assault weapon" bans will pass?

23 %23 %23 %
23.43% (179)

76 %76 %76 %
76.57% (585)
Comment made by william on 2021-02-19 11:52:32
Of course they will pass. Who in congress will stop them? We permitted the presidential and many local elections to be stolen. This is the price we pay. If you hope that we'll stop future election fraud and win back these offices, just wait until the 30 million+ illegal aliens are allowed to vote. Get what you can while you can. Stock up. You will likely be needing it.

Comment made by Tim on 2021-02-22 19:54:46
I voted NO, but that is a wish and not reality with the fraud president biden in office and with the house being owned by the left as well as harris having last vote in senate, yes, the ridiculous will become common including their fascist gun bill. I tell everyone I know who voted for biden that they now get to reap what they sowed! Yep, stock up now and pray Trump wrestles back the house and senate for gop in 2022, and hope he gets fraud legislation in place before 2024.

Total votes cast = 764
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