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See what others think

Whcih is Your Favorite 308 Battle Rifle?

H&K Pattern
17 %17 %17 %
17.00% (237)

FAL Style
25 %25 %25 %
25.04% (349)

34 %34 %34 %
34.79% (485)

14 %14 %14 %
14.85% (207)

4 %4 %4 %
4.30% (60)

4 %4 %4 %
4.02% (56)
Comment made by MICHAEL on 2019-04-22 17:31:57
I prefer my SCAR. There's nothing built like a SCAR. It will eat up any ammunition and it's accurate enough to hit a 700 meter bullseye. My AR is very accurate with it's 24" barrel but very picky on what ammunition will cycle.

Comment made by Chad on 2019-04-24 17:36:42
I favor 308 battle rifles and I have owned a Saiga, M1A, H&K, CETME, AR10, and I have fired a friend's FAL. I wanted to try each of them out to decide which one worked best for me. The only ones I have kept are the CETME and the AR10 - not to say the rest of them are awful. I just didn't enjoy them enough to invest in their extended system(s). Reliability wasn't an issue with any of them, and I enjoyed all of them except the FAL. During my bench testing I found that the AR10 was the most accurate of all of them. I'm not saying the rest were inaccurate, just that the AR10 gave the tightest groups with the commercial ammunition that I favor (Federal, Lake City, GECO, IMI). Price is also an important consideration and quality AR10-style rifles can be found for half the price of an M1A or true H&K. Weight can also be a factor of consideration, and AR10-style rifles generally weigh a pound or two lighter than the others. AR10 rifles are also chambered in a few more "new and interesting" cartridges besides the .308, and if a person wanted the option, at least it is available. Sadly, there is no industry standard for AR10-style rifles (thanks for dropping the ball Armalite), so every manufacturer has their own slightly-different variation - just different enough to be barely compatible. Most of the compatibility issues relate to the receivers and bolts NOT matching up perfectly.

Comment made by Thomas on 2019-04-28 06:24:51
i have a FAL (L1A1), G3 (clone) and a Siaga .308 (AK pattern). the G3 is my favorite. best recoil, best sights, cheapest mags... i also have the light-weight bolt and shoot the blue plastic ammo.

Comment made by Donald on 2019-05-07 13:19:03
Was raised in Rhodesia, so FnFal was my service rifle

Total votes cast = 1394
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