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See what others think

Do you expect new Gun Control to pass in 2019?

Full Capacity Magazine Ban
4 %4 %4 %
4.23% (88)

Semi Auto Rifle Ban
2 %2 %2 %
2.40% (50)

Universal Background Checks
18 %18 %18 %
18.89% (393)

Pistol Stabilizing Braces
3 %3 %3 %
3.65% (76)

Parts Kits and Home Builds
6 %6 %6 %
6.39% (133)

None of the above
44 %44 %44 %
44.59% (928)

All the above
19 %19 %19 %
19.85% (413)
Comment made by Wayne on 2019-01-09 23:30:03
No. Any gun control measure is a violation of the 2nd amendment. Lookup the Dick Act of 1901. It cannot be repealed.

Comment made by Brian on 2019-01-11 04:28:26
Yet look where we're at, Wayne. People are ignorant of the laws in place, and government is allowed by the people to ignore its own laws to its own benefit and our expense. Yes, all gun control laws are a violation of the 2nd Amendment, but that won't stop our politicians from writing illegal laws. There is currently no voice strong enough to raise this point and make a true stand for our rights.

Comment made by Chris on 2019-01-11 15:48:38
Well I dont expect any gun control to pass. The republicans control the Senate. So the democrats dont have the votes. We have found out you cant trust the NRA as they supported banning bump stocks. Now the Trump administration has banned them. Who knows, I mean if you cant count of republicans to protect your rights then all sorts of gun control issues will be passed.

Comment made by Richard on 2019-01-13 21:58:02
Anyone that thinks gun control won’t be pushed and passed hasn’t looked at California. Trump, like many other Republicans, is the one that will get more gun control laws put on the books, just like the bump stock ban. We get extremely lazy when a Republican takes office. And that’s when we start losing our rights. I see them going after all semi-autos this year nationwide and the usual “assault weapon” bans and “high capacity” bans in my home state of Commiefornia. Sadly, we need another democrat president so we stay on our toes and fight.

Comment made by Brian on 2019-01-14 04:42:29
@Chris, we didn't just "find out" we can't trust the NRA. Anyone who has paid any attention to the NRA's history should have already known for years that they can't be trusted to look out for us. They're a terrible organization to represent us and protect our rights. There are far better organizations out there.

Comment made by Brian on 2019-01-21 22:48:50
I don't expect any of these things to pass on a federal level BUT right now the state level is where we need to be concerned....various states have enacted new laws during the past few years and some of them are serious second amendment violations. Just look at what happened in Illinois last week...with a new anti-gun governor in place they passed a new law that the previous governor had vetoed which is the gun dealer licensing bill....written to put most of the gun dealers out of business with its fees and onerous hoops to jump through.

Comment made by Thomas on 2019-01-24 13:33:42
The establishment wants gun control. Since theestablishment is made up of both the democrat andthe republican parties, we can depend on neither party to protect our rights. We won't use the second amendment, so we will lose the second amedment. Organizations that take our money to protect our rights are just shills keeping the problems going to maintain their own employment....no problems, no job....so they can't be depend on to fight for us. If the NRA, et al., were for real, the supreme court would have ruled for us decades ago. If they are for real, why don't they use their organizational prowess tolead us into the streets to show the establishment that we are serious. Instead, they actually dissuade us from taking meaningful action by promising their services.....for a price. We will lose our rights because we will not fight for them. Too busy? Too scared? What?

Comment made by David on 2019-01-24 19:58:22
Legislation may get through the House but will never get through the Senate. Even if it does by some quirk, the president will veto any such bill that gets to his desk. Even if he signs a law, the NRA will push it all the way to the Supreme Court to have it declared unconstitutional. That's why I am a Benefactor Life Member and a Golden Eagle with the NRA.

Comment made by Chad on 2019-01-26 18:54:19
Sorry to be the one to tell you David, but you are wrong - the NRA has been selling us down the river for years. I fell for the same hype - membership, donations and all of that, but not anymore.. They have been screwing us around for decades by continuously backsliding and appeasing us with empty words and slowly allowing more and more gun legislation, bit-by-bit. Gun-owners of America and the 2nd Amendment Foundation are the best bet for us right now. All that NRA crap about "We are playing chess and you are playing checkers," is B.S. The NRA has allowed everything to happen and done VERY little to actually take back ANY rights.. I won't give them a dime. I wear my NRA hat with the emblem upside-down to show how they have betrayed us. I suggest you do a little research and do the same..

Comment made by David on 2019-01-29 12:00:28
Richard, what makes you think a democratic president would be any different? I've been a registered democrat and a registered republican and I don't trust either of them. Our fight should be at the local level and at the ballet box. If we sit back and do little or nothing it's a given our gun rights will gradually evaporate. Placing your trust in one party over another is not the solution. David P.

Total votes cast = 2081
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