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See what others think

Would you rather have...?

an AK (PAP) style pistol
54 %54 %54 %
54.52% (1610)

an AR-15 style pistol
45 %45 %45 %
45.48% (1343)
Comment made by drew on 2018-04-23 14:21:15
I already have an AR pistol, but I'd like to buy an AK pistol, so I voted for that.

Comment made by Bruce on 2018-04-24 14:26:54
I like the AK74, so if they made a pistol version of it I would prefer it for lightness., light anmmo, almost no recoil.

Comment made by John on 2018-04-24 14:44:19
I got a PAP M-85, probably the sweetest gun ever once upgrades where complete. Told people to buy one before it was too late, and now its too late. Would buy another one, if one could be found.

Comment made by steven on 2018-04-25 02:38:42
If I had to pick it would be an AK pistol. But truth be told they both suck and are for those who are stamp shy

Comment made by Wesley on 2018-04-25 13:30:04
I voted Pap because I own one but wouldn't mind an AR pistol with a nifty PDW brace.

Comment made by Danny on 2018-05-14 17:46:57
the ak reliability, add a brace and you've a legal SBR... found one of the last m85's and love it

Comment made by Miles on 2018-05-20 05:20:14
By far an M92 PAP! I own a variety of AK's and it is by far the most fun to shoot. One of the best SHTF firearms you can purchase...or at least could purchase. What a shame that they quit importing them in favor of those crappy C39 AK's!

Comment made by Mohammed on 2018-06-21 21:12:27
can't trust a gun made from aluminum and plastic to save my life! I trust steel and wood, not to mention the hard hitting 7.62×39 round (122 grain standard up to 156 grain)

Comment made by Mohammed on 2018-06-21 21:16:24
Ak pistols are shorter, stronger, more reliable, no buffer tube, you can conceal that bad boy

Comment made by Robert on 2018-06-23 18:14:22
Would rather have AR-15 because of readily available ammo.

Comment made by Brian on 2018-06-27 21:54:50
The AR15 pistol because it's an American gun and not the gun of Communists and terrorists.

Total votes cast = 2953
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