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See what others think

What is your favorite military Mauser caliber?

7.65x53 Argentine
3 %3 %3 %
3.35% (112)

7mm (7x57)
11 %11 %11 %
11.03% (369)

8mm (8x57 or 7.92)
41 %41 %41 %
41.85% (1400)

6.5x55 Swede
17 %17 %17 %
17.01% (569)

308 (7.62x51)
23 %23 %23 %
23.74% (794)

Other (Comment)
3 %3 %3 %
3.02% (101)
Comment made by Jeffrey on 2017-05-24 18:58:14
Does 7.7x58mm Japanese count?

Comment made by Paul on 2017-05-25 16:38:49
I voted 8mm mostly because that's what I have the most experience with, but I'm torn between that and 7mm. I really like 7mm with its flat trajectory, but it's hard to deny the thump of that 198 grain 8mm pill as well. I have nothing against the others, I just don't have much experience with the others, and none with Argentine.

Comment made by Paul on 2017-05-27 14:57:46
Most people know nothing of the 7.65x53 Argentine (AKA 7.65 Belgian). It's the sweetest shooting Mauser mil-cal ever chambered, only rivaled by the 6.5 Swede at a very close second. I imagine 8mm will be the winner though because of how cheap and common they have been in the past.

Comment made by Troy on 2017-05-28 15:31:55
6.5x55 Swedish is a really fine caliber. Great sectional density in the bullets, and recoil is about on par with 308 win. I know it doesn't have magnum velocity, but it is easy to shoot to the ability of the gun. And to the man that asked about the 7.7 Japanese, no, that's not a mauser rifle chambering.

Comment made by Bruce on 2017-05-29 12:10:42
LOL, I voted the Argentine since have 3 boxes left over from an Argentine Mauser auction buy where I got the rifle and ammo for $1.30 thanks to a typo and a clerk who didn't want the boss to know she had goofed.

Comment made by on 2017-05-31 12:33:19
1902 7x57 Mauser 29 inch barrel and 8x57 I've had both I like the 7x57 because of the flat trajectory I changed the bullet weight but kept the same amount of grains witch sped up the fps and flatter trajectory at 200 yards it only dropped 1/2 inch so that was cool about the same kick as the 8x57 its a bit heavy but still a very good rifle, the only other one I would Springfield 308 .

Comment made by Christopher on 2017-06-02 09:43:30

Comment made by Laurence on 2017-06-03 09:21:42
While the Arisaka generally may not be considered a Mauser rifle, it is a derivative much like the 1903 Springfield. The Model 99 was initially produced in 1941 (It was called Type 99 because 1941 was the 2099th year since the traditional date of the founding of Japan.) and manufactured until 1945. It was a cock-on-opening bolt action that was based on the Mauser, but was far stronger. (A quote from field and stream mag.)

Comment made by Lloyd on 2017-06-05 10:45:46
Them are NOT all Mauser calibers !............

Comment made by Michiel on 2017-06-15 13:28:15
I feel that the 8mm Mauser is the rifle with a real big kick. That is as far as downing almost anything that you hit with that big slug!!!!!

Comment made by Jonathan on 2017-06-28 18:40:17
7.92 is my favorite, but 7mm is still fantastic. Honestly, if it's in a Mauser it's hard to complain anyway.

Total votes cast = 3345
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