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See what others think

Which is your favorite Comm Bloc surplus semi auto pistol?

Hungarian FEG
9 %9 %9 %
9.94% (345)

Czech CZ-82
18 %18 %18 %
18.13% (629)

Czech CZ-52
10 %10 %10 %
10.03% (348)

22 %22 %22 %
22.77% (790)

26 %26 %26 %
26.63% (924)

Polish P83
2 %2 %2 %
2.02% (70)

Polish P64
7 %7 %7 %
7.35% (255)

3 %3 %3 %
3.14% (109)
Comment made by Bill on 2016-10-18 15:43:21
The P64 is the right size to carry and with some wolf springs, is very accurate for it's size.

Comment made by Kim on 2016-10-18 18:48:40
I settled on the P83, but don't see much difference in the size and handling of it and the P64! I also LOVE the CZ52, which can be loaded to a sizzling 1900+ fps!! They all are combat accurate and some, like the CZ52 I have, are VERY accurate! My only problem with the Polish pistols is the caliber! I reload 26 calibers, now and really don't want to have to get more dies and bullets, as nothing else I load for comes, even close! I already load for the CZ52 and love its accuracy, except when trying to find sights to replace the factory ones so I can shoot the higher velocity rounds instead of the Mil Surp versions! I know several people who have hunted deer at 100 yards or slightly over and have made one shot kills! It really is a powerful round!

Comment made by Stephen on 2016-10-19 06:29:35
Makarov today, tomorrow, and forever.

Comment made by Bruce on 2016-10-21 14:02:03
While I like the P64 other than it's strong double action pull, the Tokarev round is comparable to the .357, and much cheaper to shoot.

Comment made by Bruce on 2016-10-26 13:41:15
While I like the Makarov for having the best ergonomics of any Soviet pistol, I find the unique features of the CZ-52 to be the most interesting. I say, get both! :-D

Comment made by Jake on 2016-10-28 22:09:16
What? No love for the Nagant revolver? Yeah, me neither. CZ-52 and CZ-75 are the best of them all.

Comment made by Chuck on 2016-10-31 18:55:12
Keep your commy pistols, Ill take the good ole Merican 1911 Colt 45 acp.

Comment made by Ashlie on 2016-11-03 06:28:15
I looove my Tokarev. It's got accuracy, range, power, it's super reliable and easy to maintain, and it's a classic nazi killer <3

Comment made by Eric on 2016-11-10 15:06:37
I have four of the CZ-52 pistols. Love them. Be sure to swap-out the old firing pins for some new ones. The original issued firing pins tend to break. Hogue Hand-All slip-on grips works great. Lots of other after market grips available. I was lucky enough to obtain four drop-in 9x19 barrels from the now-defunct Federal Arms. While these do add a cool factor of a multi-caliber firearm, it does come with a few issues. 1) The 9x19 cartridge is shorter, causing feeding issues. You have to fiddle with the magazine to get the feeding right, but then the magazine might not work with the original caliber. Having two set of magazines is expensive, but it is your only option. 2) Having the 9x19 barrel installed removes it from C&R status. 3) The CZ-52 likes it spicy, so if you are a handloader, save the hot loads for the CZ. Weak loads can fail to cycle the action. PS to Kim - I feel your pain. I am up to 41 calibers for handloading. I have more Dillon tool heads than most shops.

Total votes cast = 3470
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