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See what others think

Which is your favorite SKS?

Yugo Serbian
23 %23 %23 %
23.59% (1518)

6 %6 %6 %
6.31% (406)

34 %34 %34 %
34.88% (2244)

Chinese Type 56
11 %11 %11 %
11.83% (761)

Chinese Norinco
18 %18 %18 %
18.78% (1208)

2 %2 %2 %
2.27% (146)

Any - as long as it is sporterized
2 %2 %2 %
2.35% (151)
Comment made by Darren on 2016-01-08 12:05:50
Norinco all the way. Gotta love that chrome lined barrel and 20 rd mag. Super accurate.

Comment made by Jake on 2016-01-08 15:37:58
Hard to beat an unissued Yugo SKS made in 1987. Far better machining quality than the 1990's Norinco imports, and not beat to hell like the Russian's and Type 56's.

Comment made by Paul on 2016-01-09 14:46:47
Tough call, but I really like the Yugo's length and weight for range shooting, not to mention the next to new condition they tend to be in. Surplus ammo is hard to find and not really cheaper than commercial anymore, so I don't need the chrome lined barrel. So there it is. I do like the type 56, though. I actually like that it is broken in and sometimes features some unique love on the stocks. I find them very reliable, and that I don't feel like I have to baby them like a new gun is also nice. They're all pretty cool.

Comment made by Chuck on 2016-01-16 14:35:04
This is like asking, whats your favorite Hi-Point Firearms product. Its all communist crap.

Comment made by Connor on 2016-01-16 17:13:13
None. I've never considered the SKS to be a decent firearm. It's antiquated, inaccurate, has a terrible trigger, clunky, ugly, with a little more money you could get an AK. But for "serious-business" outside of plinking, I'd rather have an AR over either any day.

Comment made by Chad on 2016-01-17 09:23:43

Comment made by Dennis on 2016-01-18 21:06:06

Comment made by Tony on 2016-01-19 02:49:48
I really prefer the type 84, which is actually designated as an SKK. It is designed to use the various, standard type AK47 magazines and also has a bolt hold open feature, sort of like the design on some of the M1 Carbines. You pull the bolt back and engage the bolt hold open by pressing down on the bolt lock button. I have a couple of them, but I have only fired one of them, and it works flawlessly. I don't shoot the other one, due to the rarity of this type weapon, but they are a different breed from the standard Norinco SKS, and much better as far as I am concerned than the SKS Model D or M, which also use most AK47 type magazines. Happy trails!!!

Comment made by on 2016-01-21 19:57:59
I own a Yugo bought from a chain store for $350.00 on clearance. I did not expect much until I had cleaned it. Used, yes, but in G to VG condition overall. Was I surprised when I took it to the range! When I realized where it shot at 200 yards, I was able to hit the 2 foot gong, bingo! I did not intend to screw with the front side and now, a year later, I can hit the 2 foot gong at 300 yards and at 400 yards (when the light lets me see the gong). The rifle shoots best when it is hot, Kentucky windage does the trick..... J&G's corrosive ammo shoots better than the Tula non-c. Overall, I tried all kinds of AK47 versions in comparison to my Yugo, but in accuracy and long range shooting, they just do not cut the mustard. If you put a plastic stock on it, you even have the magazine choice. Nothing wrong with an SKS, it's basic conception was closer quarters fight and hold heads down on medium ranges.....and it does that very well. That I shoot it long range is just my thing. It just was not concepted as a tack driver with a scope....for that, buy an AR15, but a better one. And no one better call it Russian crap, as it is battle-proven!

Comment made by Steven on 2016-01-28 16:28:55
I picked up my Romanian SKS about 4 years ago for under $200 dollars. It is actually in excellent to pristine condition. I've kept it as original as possible(no larger mags or aftermarket stock) Stampings are from 1954 and I don't shoot it much because it is so clean! LOL My AK's and AR's that's a different story!

Comment made by Chad on 2016-02-02 07:23:33

Comment made by Jeff on 2016-02-10 19:10:22
Asking which is my favorite child would be easier. (I only have one) I have all of the SKS varieties listed in this poll. Still looking for the elusive East German and North Korean examples. It is true that some SKS' s have sloppy triggers and that they are a bit obsolescent, but they are a good, solid battle rifle. I picked up most of mine when they were still relatively inexpensive. I paid under $100 for my Romanian SKS. In my experience the Chinese rifles are the most accurate, but they are all fun to shoot. I answered this poll by claiming the Russian SKS as my favorite. The only reason that I can give is because the SKS was an original product of Mother Russia. I am an SKS purist. I have un-sporterized more than a couple of SKS rifles that Bubba got a hold of. If you want a modern tactical rifle, get a modern tactical rifle. Stop butchering the SKS!

Comment made by DJ on 2016-02-11 05:09:23
Yugo, hands down. I own the Russian SKS too, and it's nice, but you can't beat the Yugo for straight out heavy duty service. There's nothing about it that says 'safe queen'. Like all Yugo weapons, they were built for abuse by those big hairy backed Serbs shooting grenades, and they can take just about anything you throw at them. Ever notice how Serbs LOVE grenades? Anyway, I didn't pick the Russian SKS model simply because mine is too pretty. It really doesn't belong on the battlefield, it's more suited for the guards at Lenin's tomb. I had a Chinese SKS years ago; I sold it because it's cheap like everything they make.

Comment made by Eric on 2016-02-11 16:14:55
I have to thank President Clinton, because I would have never bought a SKS without the 1994 Ban. Since then, I have collected two Russian (safe queens), one ChiCom (tricked out), a Yugo with all the bells and whistles and a Romanian paratrooper that takes AK mags. They are not target rifles, but can take plenty of field abuse and still work. Tons of after-market stuff to make them more fun. I have not had the slam-fire issue, but know a few folks who had this unpleasant surprise. After-market parts are available if you do have this problem - far better than going to prison.

Total votes cast = 6434
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