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product_thumb.php?img=images/107004-italiancarcanom91tscarbine65x52177barreltruppespecialecrg-vgused.JPG&w=240&h=160   product_thumb.php?img=images/107004-italiancarcanom91tscarbine65x52177barreltruppespecialecrg-vgused-s1.JPG&w=240&h=160   product_thumb.php?img=images/107004-italiancarcanom91tscarbine65x52177barreltruppespecialecrg-vgused-s2.JPG&w=240&h=160
  product_thumb.php?img=images/107004-italiancarcanom91tscarbine65x52177barreltruppespecialecrg-vgused-s3.JPG&w=240&h=160   product_thumb.php?img=images/107004-italiancarcanom91tscarbine65x52177barreltruppespecialecrg-vgused-s4.JPG&w=240&h=160
Italian Carcano M.91 TS Carbine, 6.5x52, 17.7" Barrel, Truppe Speciale, C&R, GSS, Used.
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Availability: (In Stock)

Italian Carcano 1891 TS (Truppe Speciale) bolt action carbine chambered in 6.5 Carcano Caliber (6.5x52mm, not 6.5x52R). These Gunsmith Special firearms have issues in need of repair such as safety lever problems, barrel alignment issues, cracked stock, missing bayo lug parts, or other function issues, but are otherwise complete.

The TS (special troops) carbine has a 17.7" barrel, often issued to motorcycle or vehicle troops that needed a shorter barrel. The blued metal finish will show service wear and may have some patina, and the bore will be dark, a bit rough, PW Arms import. Bayo lug patterns may vary, (no requests, sorry). Overall Good condition in need of repair, sold As-IS, not returns. C&R eligible, used.

ATTENTION: Gunsmith Specials must be checked and certified safe before firing, by a certified competent gunsmith. Sold as is, no returns, no refunds, and no exchanges.

ATTENTION: Firearms ONLY ship to an FFL holder (or C&R if eligible). If you do not have an FFL (Federal Firearms License) then you must find one in your area to do the transfer for you, and you must enter their address as the shipping address on your order.

ATTENTION: The following locations have firearm restrictions.
California - Handguns must be approved by CA DOJ (except C&Rs), please check the California Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale to see if this gun is legal to purchase. No assault rifles. C&R handguns sent only to 01 FFLs. C&R holders must also send a COE to receive rifles.
Connecticut - No assault rifles or semi auto shotguns with detachable mag.
Massachusetts - Handguns made after 1997 must be approved by MA DOJ. C&R handguns are sent to 01 FFL dealers only. No assault rifles.
Maryland - Handguns made after 1984 must be approved by MD DOJ. No assault rifles. No assault pistols. No folding pistol grip shotguns.
New Jersey - C&R handguns are sent to 01 FFL dealers only, No assault rifles.
New York - C&R handguns are sent to 01 FFL dealers only. No assault rifles. No assault pistols, or pistol version of rifles.
Oregon - All firearms must be sent to 01 FFL dealers only, not 03 C&R holders, including C&R firearms.
Illinois - FOID card for the customer, dealer, or C&R holder must be on file.
Washington DC - no firearms.
NOTE: "Melting Point" laws in Hawaii, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Illinois may prohibit some guns, it is your responsibility to check local laws before ordering to make sure you can receive your firearm.

Weight: 10.00

Condition: Used

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Total Reviews: 4

by Date Added: Wednesday October 19, 2022
My TS came with 3- 2” cracks in the tang, 1-4” crack on the butt stock, and 1- 12” crack running down the middle of the stock from in front of the rear sight to the trigger. In short the stock is beyond repair. The only other thing wrong is it’s missing it’s front blade sight. In the condition my stock arrived in I feel like it should of been listed as a parts kit or “barreled action”. I feel this way because gunsmith suggests the broken item can be repaired . Never had a bad experience with J&g in the past but this does sour my feelings.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 stars!]
by Date Added: Monday January 24, 2022
A+++ The Italian Carcano was described and shipped very nice. I received the one that I requested even though no guarantee was granted, thanks for taking the time and reviewing my purchase. Always a pleasure and that's why I keep coming back.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 stars!]
by Date Added: Sunday January 23, 2022
Item i received was in very good condition for older C&R rifle. Wood and metal finish better than expected. Bore was quite dirty but cleaned up well and has good rifling. Functions and shoots as it should. Well worth the price and nice addition to my collection.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 stars!]
by Date Added: Sunday January 23, 2022
Both guns came to me in great condition, all they needed was a bit TLC. Both guns were complete, with nothing missing.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 stars!]