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See what others think

Do you think suppressors should be NFA items?

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90.89% (1317)

7 %7 %7 %
7.04% (102)

2 %2 %2 %
2.07% (30)
Comment made by on 2017-02-07 10:51:34
They are nothing more than a muffler for your firearm. They don't actually "silence" anything, they reduce the volume to a manageable level. Instead of wearing double hearing protection, you can get by with only one set, and subsonic rimfires won't require any hearing protection at all. The only "silencing" you will achieve is preventing anyone half-a-mile away from being alarmed at hearing the gunshot. Anybody within a quarter-mile of the shot will know exactly what it was and where it came from. Once again, Hollywood has demonized an inanimate object - congratulations to the switchblade, you aren't alone anymore.. Movies, and especially TV, portray "silencers" as being able to quiet the sound enough to not wake anyone else in the room - but of course, in Hollywood, cars blow up anytime one is wrecked or nearby sparks set one on fire. And I'm not trying to dismiss the risk of automobile fires - just point out that they rarely detonate like on television. It has all been a bunch "fraidy-cat" garbage. As long as they are on the NFA, they will be expensive. The only people profiting from this are the manufacturers and sellers of higher-end suppressors. Once they are taken off, anyone that wants to can fabricate his own - though I doubt it will work nearly as well as the better ones made today.

Comment made by Connor on 2017-02-09 09:34:32
I could care less, I'm more interested in short barreled rifles and short barrel shotguns being unregulated. It's insane that places like Canada and the UK that are so restricted don't care a bit about barrel length but America of all places does. I also think that AOWs as far as concealed weapons makes absolutely no sense. If the point of concealed carry is to hide you have a firearm, then is a pen gun not the same thing as just plain hiding a gun? None of these laws make any sense. Plus putting a front grip on a pistol makes it illegal? It's not like an extra grip on a handgun without a stock is going to make anything more accurate, if anything it could make it less accurate and certainly doesn't make it some "super killing machine."

Total votes cast = 1449
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